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click to access hr tech infographic

Download this infographic for a rundown of common HR tech and what each piece of technology is truly built to do.

click here to download the state pay transparency overview

To assist with navigating state pay transparency laws, download this overview that includes a summary of requirements by state.

click here to download the new jersey temporary workers' bill of rights legislation overview

Download this overview to understand how the New Jersey “Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights” affects your temporary workforce.

click here to download the market analysis trends report

Take a look into the future of work and the driving trends behind this year’s workforce trends with this compilation of resources.

The 2022 MSPAdvisor, researched and compiled by Ardent Partners, is designed to you navigate the complex and mature MSP solutions marketplace..

Why is Direct Sourcing so valuable? Learn more in this complete guide to building your company’s Direct Sourcing program.

MSP 101 eBook Preview Image

Need help determining if a MSP solution is right? Leaders from Atrium have partnered up with VectorVMSto create the ultimate cheat sheet.

Navigate the complexities of finding, hiring and maintaining relationships with independent contractors with this expert’s guide.

The Remote Internship Handbook, created by our partners at Symba, can help your company prepare for a successful remote internship.


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Alphabet Soup of HR Tech

Having a strong HR Tech stack has become increasingly imperative for organizations to compete for talent, as well as keep pace with the rate at which the industry is advancing. There are more options to choose from than ever before. So, we’ve outlined all the ingredients to educate you on what features make the most sense for your business and what each piece of technology is truly built to do.

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