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Featured as an industry expert by leading publication InformationWeek, Atrium’s Diane Rafferty, Managing Director and Head of Information Technology Staffing, spoke about the key steps to get started in career reinvention.


recruitingdaily shares atrium + nfl player care foundation collaboration

RecruitingDaily, an industry leader for news and events, interviewed Joanna Chavers, Atrium’s Director of People & Engagement and HR Consulting, to learn more about the collaboration with the NFL Player Care Foundation. Read what this publication had to say about the great work being done to help retired players.



GoBankingRates, a personal finance news and media website, interviewed Atrium’s own Joanna Chavers, Director of People & Engagement and HR Consulting. As a leader in the Talent Acquisition space, she shared key insights into mistakes that job seekers should avoid at all costs. 



Atrium CEO, Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal, shared her expertise and thought leadership with Chief Executive magazine. She spoke to her belief in and importance of each company CEO having to make their own decision, and their own evaluation, when it comes to the unchartered territory we are in.


PRESS RELEASE: The NFL Player Care Foundation and Atrium Expand Their Collaboration

Atrium continues to team up with The NFL Player Care Foundation (PCF) to expand their career assistance program for former NFL Legends as they navigate a new career and translate their experience on the field into high-quality resumes. The collaboration has evolved to include a suite of Atrium talent consulting and career coaching services, including career strategy advice, resume-building consultation, interview coaching, and matching former players to jobs. Discover more about the collaboration between Atrium + NFL PCF in the press release.


no ph.d., no problem!

Breaking into the life sciences industry can be intimidating, especially for candidates without a graduate degree. Holly Markman-Graessle, EVP of Staffing, interviewed with BioSpace and shared key advice for job candidates seeking life sciences careers.


The 5 Hottest US Job Markets for IT Professionals

Despite a weak economy, IT jobs remain abundant in a variety of locations and industries. Informationweek recently interviewed Diane Rafferty, Managing Director of the Information Technology staffing practice at Atrium. Check out what she has to say about one of the five hot spots, New York City.



Whether you’re job searching or advancing in your career, you’re likely to encounter the question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” While it may seem like a simple query, it can be challenging to answer – especially if you don’t have a clear career plan. UpJourney interviewed Joanna Chavers, Director of People and Engagement at Atrium, and she shared actionable advice that all job seekers need to know.


How to Answer “What Are Your Salary Expectations?” in an Interview (50+ Tips)

One of the most common and crucial questions asked during a job interview is, “What are your salary expectations?” According to experts that UpJourney interviewed, including Joanna Chavers, Director of People and Engagement at Atrium, here are some tips and examples on how to answer that question in an interview.


How to Answer “What Are Your Salary Expectations?” in an Interview (50+ Tips)

One of the most common and crucial questions asked during a job interview is, “What are your salary expectations?” According to experts that UpJourney interviewed, including Joanna Chavers, Director of People and Engagement at Atrium, here are some tips and examples on how to answer that question in an interview.


New digital-first ways of hiring are helping candidates find work

New digital-first hiring methods such as fast offers, group interviews, and, sometimes, no interviews at all are becoming more common. This New York Post article features quotes from Atrium’s Joanna Chavers, as well as five other experts.


Great Resignation? Why it’s not a good idea to quit just before a possible recession interviewed Adam Samples, President of Staffing at Atrium, asking his thoughts on the Great Resignation and the future of the workforce who are thinking about leaving before a possible recession.


5 recruiting mistakes that may be adding to resignations

Instead of using shortsighted hiring practices that create a revolving door of resignations, Joanna Chavers, Director of People and Engagement, commented for Fast Company on five hiring mistakes to make sure you are avoiding.


Wages, Employee Retention and Benefits Align to Create Recruitment’s ‘Perfect Storm’ 

Adam Samples, President of Staffing at Atrium, wrote a piece for RecruitingDaily sharing his thoughts on today’s labor market wages, employee retention strategies and competitive benefits.


Industry executives’ advice for moving up today’s technology management ladder

Diane Rafferty, Managing Director of Information Technology at Atrium, shared with ZDNET her thoughts on embracing the big picture.


Equal Pay Day: 4 Ways Salary Transparency Can Boost Your Career

Most of us are taught not to openly discuss finances and salaries. We’re taught that such information is private and that asking another woman her salary is like asking her age — a cultural no-no. Miko Covin, Atrium’s former Director of Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding shared her advice with CircleAround on salary transparency and knowing your worth.


i ‘heart’ working in hr

Cara Zibbell, Vice President of People and Engagement and an industry-leading HR professional, was asked by SHRM what she loves about working in what can be a challenging field.


The NFL Player Care Foundation Assists NFL Players In Scoring New Careers, Teaming Up With Atrium Works

TechSeries shared that The NFL Player Care Foundation (PCF), a non-profit independent organization dedicated to helping retired players improve their quality of life, will be hosting its 4th Annual Super Bowl Career Fair on Friday, February 11 in Los Angeles. With more than 1,200 NFL Legends and 80+ employers on the NFL PCF Career Portal, Atrium Works, a woman-owned staffing and workforce solutions firm, in partnership with the NFL PCF, has been assisting players as they navigate a new career and translate their experience into business resumes.


A Tech Solution For Workplace Safety

StrategicCIO360 asked Vice President of Technology at Atrium, Leon Kallikkadan, to share his story about when couldn’t find technology to help ensure employees’ safety in the workplace during the pandemic, he and his team built an app for that.


The Business Decisions We’re Making Today Feel Much More Personal

Cara Zibbell, SPHR and Vice Presidnet, People and Engagement at Atrium, shares with StrategicCHRO360 why now, more than ever, HR leaders must stress the importance of employees’ overall well-being.


6 common cover letter mistakes you might be making

Take the time and effort to research the company and the position, Joanna Chavers, Director of People and Engagement at the staffing and recruiting firm Atrium shares with Fast Company. “Demonstrate that you have the skills and qualifications they are looking for by providing specific examples from previous positions or life situations,” she advises.


staffing up to remain competitive

Hear from Atrium’s President of Staffing, Adam Samples, as he shares his on his tips and tricks to remain competitive and retain today’s talent with New Jersey Business Magazine.


Total Compensation-Times Are a Changin’

Atrium’s Melissa Monteiro, Executive Vice President of Staffing, share five recommendations for total compensation packages in the post-COVID era with RecruitingDaily.


What To Do If You’ve Been Unemployed for More Than a Year: 5 Ways To Get Your Career Back on Track

“It’s easy to feel down if you’ve been laid off or furloughed during the pandemic, but it’s important to avoid losing confidence,” said Jaime Berghout, former Director of Communications at Atrium Staffing shares with GoBankingRates. “Being out of work can bring about negative feelings, which means maintaining a healthy perspective may require a concerted effort to look forward. No matter how great or small, keep planning and preparing for the work ahead.”


Post-Pandemic Life in the Tech World Looks Pretty Good

Adam Samples, President of Staffing for Atrium shares with Techopedia that “For technology professionals looking to make career moves, it’s important to stay on top of the trends. Companies are adding to their tech stack and the teams that manage them. It’s a great time to be an expert and expand your knowledge with different facets of the industry.”


Labor Shortage: Desperately Seeking Solutions

The BedTimes quoted Scott Plumstead, Director of National Search, Supply chain, Operations and Logistics for Atrium Staffing, headquartered in New York saying “Adding further complications to the scarcity of qualified talent since Covid-19 is the more general employment trend — the rise of remote work.”


6 ways to avoid getting ignored when applying for jobs

If you keep getting ghosted when you apply for jobs, Atrium’s Annie Glassman shares with The Ladders that there may be several reasons the hiring manager at the other end of your email correspondence isn’t getting back to you. 


Progress at Work Means Moving Forward Together

One consistent lesson Atrium’s Founder & CEO, Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal, learned throughout her 25 years in the staffing industry is that change is a constant. We are perpetually thinking ahead to adapt to evolving workforce needs. She shares with The Staffing Stream why the resources people rely on at work like health benefits, technology and safe, collaborative environments are always progressing, and so must we.


How To Communicate With Your Team Effectively Even If You Are Rarely In The Same Physical Space

We are living in a new world in which offices may feel obsolete. How can teams effectively communicate if they are never together? Zoom and Slack are excellent tools, but they don’t replicate all the advantages of being together. Atrium’s Founder & CEO, Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal, shares with Authority Magazine strategies, tools and techniques work to be a highly effective communicator, even if you are not in the same space.


3 Ways to Keep Your Business Relevant

No matter what your business is, it’s important to be up on the latest trends, technologies, consumer needs, and more so your company can compete in changing landscapes. Girl Scout alum Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal is the CEO of Atrium Staffing & Contingent Workforce Solutions and shares with CircleAround what it takes to reach broader audiences, grow new opportunities, and scale businesses.


Let’s Make Real History During Women’s History Month and Return Women to the Workforce!

When building programs in your workforce to better support women, Atrium’s Founder & CEO, Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal, shares with CommPro why it’s important to consider what you can build today to further the potential of tomorrow’s talent.