In light of the rapidly-changing talent landscape, now is the time to take your contingent workforce program to the next level. Consider the four steps outlined in our contingent workforce program infographic. Learn how an MSP can elevate your contingent workforce program.

contingent workforce program infographic

Infographic: Contingent Workforce Program Steps

Step 1 – Understanding your current state

Does the current state of your contingent workforce programs meet the program’s needs based on your prior state?

In other words, is it the right time to make incremental changes or enterprise-level changes? Part of your decision should be determined by looking at what is currently in scope vs. the total external workforce landscape.

Step 2 – Planning for Change

When considering a change, think about the following factors; Scope, a phased approach, and technology. A phased approach also allows time to build trust within the organization before expanding the program into new areas.

Choose the right external technologies, particularly a Vendor Management System (VMS), to pair with your internal technology stack. As a result, it allows for a smoother implementation process and stakeholder and supplier adoption.

Step 3 – Setting Program Goals

Cost controls through rate and supplier rationalization, increased leveraging of Pre-ID workers, and overall efficiency and compliance improvements.

Furthermore, someone should regularly share program goals with relevant stakeholders to ensure all parties work for the same purpose.

Step 4 – Looking To The Future

Move forward by looking at the Expansion of EOR pay rolling. Then look into appropriate Independent Contractor compliance processes and the implementation of enterprise Direct Sourcing.


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Kelly Couto
Kelly Couto

Kelly serves as Atrium's Vice President of Enterprise Solutions and is responsible for overseeing seamless workforce program implementations, including successful change management, communications and project plans.