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April 2020

Difficult Decision Making

Our new workforce challenges did not come with a roadmap or a timeline. With so many unknowns, there are tough decisions to be made for successful business continuity. How we operate today determines our outcomes tomorrow. We must consider both the long- and short-term effects of our actions to keep our people and businesses healthy. If I had a digital tool for decision making, the touch screen would display options: Pause, Play and Fast Forward.  


Everything is happening quickly. Our reflexes are reacting. Be aware of that sense of urgency. But, take a moment to pause. Carve out time to assess what is happening in your organization today. What is working well and what is not? Beyond understanding what is vital to operations today, reflect on what is needed for the days ahead. It can be challenging to have a clear vision with so many unknown variables in our future. It’s important to think through the possible outcomes and keep big picture goals in mind. 


Right now, the action you want to avoid is inaction. So, once you have carefully evaluated your current and future state of your business, it’s time to put your strategy into decisive action. Press play! Communicate your plans to stakeholders internally and externally. Frequent updates with information regarding new or changed business plans will ensure greater confidence in service and leadership. If you’ve made the difficult decision to right-size your business, hesitation or delayed action will prevent the needed results. Determine what is required to reach your outcomes. Then, put a plan into action. Effective decision making depends on it. 

Fast Forward. 

The future of work is here. Now is the time to get creative. Engage your staff and leadership team to think outside of the box. Opportunity exists in every situation. It’s up to us to identify it. How can your business expand or diversify to meet the new needs of today that helps clients tomorrow? What does that mean for your staff when you hit “fast forward?” Create, anticipate and build. Innovation helps us overcome challenges. Making best use of a difficult time can help your business get ahead if you sponsor ingenuity within your organization.    

I am grateful for the cleverness, imagination and resourcefulness that has come from difficult decision making. I am optimistic for the future of work. 

Stay positive. Stay well. Stay innovative. .