Talent Acquisition Puzzle

Getting ahead of the competition means not only sourcing the best talent in the industry, but also understanding how to retain these bright-minded employees. To realize the full potential of your workforce a genuine connection must be made between corporate philosophy and talent acquisition. By cementing the corporate mission, vision and values to talent acquisition, organizations can more successfully engage the people and skillsets they need to actualize business plans. Community at work relies on authentic culture, diverse perspectives and connectedness. When talent flourishes, so do business results. And a successful strategy begins with a principled approach. 


1. Establish a Culture of Credibility

Successful business models rely on a clearly communicated purpose. Most organizations lean on their mission statement to explain why the business exists. To broaden that commitment, some also attach a vision statement. Your company vision indicates how the business intends to further its purpose in a future position. And to guide the mission and vision by ethical means, we have corporate value sets. Together, these pledges are designed to be the foundation of every aspect of your business. And to be effective, they must be thoughtful, sincere and actionable.

It’s vital to your value proposition that your company philosophy is reflected within product and service offerings. And it must be exemplified by the employees who manage and administer those products and services to consumers. And while employers must be careful to ensure their corporate value set is upheld by their workforce, they must also assure that the business ideology accurately and inclusively reflects the cultures, values and characteristics of the people who support it. Reaching diverse cultures, new generations and high-potential workers depends on consistent evaluations of corporate statements, market research, employee feedback and social insights. Take time to understand the evolving landscapes and integrate your findings within strategic plans. Successful talent acquisition depends on it.

2. Grow Your Influence

Beyond the thoughtfulness required for effective corporate messaging, longstanding talent acquisition success relies on its ability to reach future talent and emerging markets. That means we must constantly enhance our strategies to adapt to the ever-changing needs and demands of society. And for the greatest impact, our message must be louder than that of our competitors! Strategic relationships can help grow your influence. So you should leverage these relationships if you want to amplify messaging and bolster your brand’s share of voice. Seize opportunities for partnership to reinforce business momentum. Engage your network to cross-promote complementary services and resources. It’s vital we constantly seek new paths to fulfill brand promises effectively and on a greater scale.

Your corporate pledges should resonate with potential and existing talent. And they should be actionable. For instance, if inclusion is part of your brand philosophy, determine how your efforts to be inclusive can be expanded. For example, a talent acquisition strategy that prioritizes diverse suppliers can exemplify corporate commitments to diversity and inclusion. It’s an effective way to share the impact of your mission. Maybe you are already procuring goods or services from minority and women-owned businesses. If so, are you tracking your financial commitments? You can quantify your business pledge to showcase the authenticity of your mission.

3. Engage Innovative Thinkers

Our common beliefs and shared missions help us connect with one another. And often times, our recruitment strategies seek to identify these similarities. But, employing too much of “the same” can actually be counterproductive to hiring goals. A successful workforce should be inclusive of wide variety of perspectives and ideologies. Rather than hiring a “culture fit,” make sure you understand the value of hiring a “culture add.” Different backgrounds offer unique perspectives and inspire new ideas. And ingenuity results from diversity of thought.

The brightest minds are attracted to employer brands who constantly evolve. If innovation is not already part of your value set, consider adding it. Your workforce needs “out-of-the-box” thinkers to continue moving business forward. You should consider how to further this value within your hiring efforts. For instance, you can revamp your people programs for a virtual world. By embracing unique cultures, backgrounds and new methodologies for talent acquisition, you can meet demands for innovation within your business.

New generations, diverse cultures and strategic partners can further your brand potential. So, think about what you need to connect talent acquisition with relevant audiences. Then translate that to action. With a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy, you can reach new horizons and connect with greater audiences.