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Alphabet Soup of HR Tech

Having a strong HR Tech stack has become increasingly imperative for organizations to compete for talent, as well as keep pace with the rate at which the industry is advancing. There are more options to choose from than ever before. So, we’ve outlined all the ingredients to educate you on what features make the most sense for your business and what each piece of technology is truly built to do.

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Vendor Management System (VMS)

A VMS is an internet-enabled, often web-based application that acts as a mechanism for business to manage and procure staffing services as well as outside contract or contingent labor.

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Extended workforce System (ews)

An EWS is a platform that delivers visibility, data, and engagement for all workers regardless of how they are classified, the same way companies manage their employee human capital. 

Learn more about Utmost


Direct sourcing is a recruitment strategy that enables companies to leverage their own brand and attract a more robust talent pool of potential candidates for full-time or temporary roles.



A CRM is a strategic tool employers use to source and maintain warm pipelines of talent for future recruitment.

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An ATS is a software application that streamlines the recruitment process — often as a compliance requirement — as the system of record for managing, storing and tracking applications and candidate data.

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FreelanceR Management System (FMS)

A FMS system solution to help companies manage their freelance workforce and freelancer engagements including onboarding, assignments, invoices and payments.

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Event Based Freelancer Management System (FMS)

An event-based FMS is a FMS solution built specifically for field marketing and experiential marketing. 

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A rate benchmarking tool utilizes labor market analytics to help employers best understand employment and economic trends. 

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Technologies that help employers understand and assess candidates’ abilities and skill sets


The Direct Sourcing Forum brought together the team at Atrium with an incredible panel of industry experts to share their insights on the hottest talent curation topics.

Listen in to one of the most engaging sessions of the World Staffing Summit that covered tools and strategies for sourcing in a candidate constrained environment.

The Age of Direct Sourcing 2.0 featured speakers from Atrium, WorkLLama and Ardent Partners where they dug in to discuss research surrounding direct sourcing.

In today’s tightening labor market, it’s crucial for companies to build and execute on hiring and talent development strategies that resonate with and empower all-inclusive communities. When well-designed, intern and early talent programs are powerhouses of untapped potential that can bolster your talent pipelines. Atrium’s resident expert, Regan Aloisio, teamed up with our partner, Symba, to lead a vibrant panel discussion with program leaders redefining their talent pipeline through internship programs. 

This engaging webinar covers a range of topics – from the continued growth of the extended workforce to why direct sourcing is primed to be one of the leading workforce strategies.

Companies are now preparing for internships in 2021 and using key learnings from 2020 to prepare. Read more about how our partner, Symba, identified 3 major trends.

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The demand for contingent labor is on the rise. If you are still stuck in working manual spreadsheets, now is the time to get prepared, make decisions and start saving.

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If you’re responsible for hiring brand ambassadors, field staff or other contractor-type roles — this webinar, hosted in partnership with Promomash, is a must-watch.

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Need help determining if a MSP solution is right? Leaders from Atrium have partnered up with experts from VectorVMS (formerly PeopleFluent) to create the ultimate cheat sheet.

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WorkMarket can provide a compliant, automated solution for engaging freelance labor thanks to the integration of Atrium Engagent™, an IC evaluation platform.

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We have the expertise to properly classify your workforce as W-2 employees or independent contractors. Our proprietary technology makes it easier to efficiently engage and activate your independent workers.

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