click here to listen to the hcm podcast called what you need to know about contingent work today

Listen in to Nancy Miller, Senior Director of Talent Technology, who spoke about the realties of contingent work on a recent edition of HCM Technologies podcast.

click here to listen to the how to build a modern workforce management model webinar recording

Listen in to hear how this global experiential marketing agency has radically changed the way it functions – from a distributed workforce to a reimagined, centralized model.

click here to access the ivy podcast featuring vanessa miller

The Ivy Podcast invited Vanessa Miller, VP Talent Technology, to talk about the value behind productizing and partnering the workforce ecosystem.

click here to listen to the recruiting daily podcast featuring vanessa miller

Check out the latest episode of the RecruitingDaily Podcast about how staffing firms use HR and TA technology. Listen in to demystify the most common HR technology questions.

The Direct Sourcing Forum brought together the team at Atrium with an incredible panel of industry experts to share their insights on the hottest talent curation topics.

Listen in to one of the most engaging sessions of the World Staffing Summit that covered tools and strategies for sourcing in a candidate constrained environment.

The Age of Direct Sourcing 2.0 featured speakers from Atrium, WorkLLama and Ardent Partners where they dug in to discuss research surrounding direct sourcing.

This engaging webinar covers a range of topics – from the continued growth of the extended workforce to why direct sourcing is primed to be one of the leading workforce strategies.

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The demand for contingent labor is on the rise. If you are still stuck in working manual spreadsheets, now is the time to get prepared, make decisions and start saving.

In today’s tightening labor market, it’s crucial for companies to build and execute on hiring and talent development strategies that resonate with and empower all-inclusive communities. When well-designed, intern and early talent programs are powerhouses of untapped potential that can bolster your talent pipelines. Atrium’s resident expert, Regan Aloisio, teamed up with our partner, Symba, to lead a vibrant panel discussion with program leaders redefining their talent pipeline through internship programs. 

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If you’re responsible for hiring brand ambassadors, field staff or other contractor-type roles — this webinar, hosted in partnership with Promomash, is a must-watch.


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Alphabet Soup of HR Tech

Having a strong HR Tech stack has become increasingly imperative for organizations to compete for talent, as well as keep pace with the rate at which the industry is advancing. There are more options to choose from than ever before. So, we’ve outlined all the ingredients to educate you on what features make the most sense for your business and what each piece of technology is truly built to do.

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